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Artisan Hollow

"One person's gift is another person's treasure"

Artisan Hollow is the expression of Art. Collectively we can change the world one piece of art at a time. Our expressions of the heart desire liberation.

YOUR art can change the world.


It’s time we give our hearts a voice and art is the most unique and effective way to do this. At artisan Hollow, we believe in connection, and in celebrating the artist.

And, when the connoisseur's heart is touched by a piece of art they become connected to it, and this elevates its intrinsic value. 


What is waiting in your heart to be spoken, and whose heart is waiting to hear your message?

Dark Wood


Here at Artisan Hollow, we live connection.

In a world where the war we are fighting is disconnection and separation, let’s win this battle of our hearts with the gift of connection. We can connect through our differences as well as our similarities. Both artist and connoisseur will be forever connected in beauty and intrigue.



 When our lives are lived in a "question" we become expansive. How can sharing or receiving art expand your life?  What is your heart waiting for?

Featured Products

Connoisseur - "an expert judge in matters of taste and appreciation of quality" 

Become a connoisseur today!

Featured Artisans

Artisan - "a master craftsman who shares the heart's expression through the beauty of creation"

Become a thriving artist tday!

Connect with Community

Create even more connections by following your favorite artisans on our community pages. You will also find local artisans selling expirable wares. e.g. bakers, farmers, chefs, etc. Showcase your upcoming artistic expression here!


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