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Our Team

Marinna Siri

14314704869_35ef4e4b68_o copy.jpg

Marinna's Top Values:
Love, Freedom, Truth, Beauty

Marinna's Message To The World:  

"If you would have the courage to face and embrace the deepest and ugliest things you believe about yourself, you'd discover that they are untrue, and you'd ultimately liberate yourself; you'd be unstoppable."


Marinna is an outspoken, compassionate human devoted to love and finding the quickest path to ultimate freedom. 

Over the years, Marinna has blessed the lives of thousands of people with one-on-one personal coaching, relationship coaching, and facilitating courses. She is a trained, certified life and relationship coach and has been honored to help others create a liberated life for over 20 years. 

Marinna is a creator of beautiful things. She loves to grow plants indoors as well as garden outdoors and loves everything to do with nature. She also designs and creates fun products, websites, youtube videos, and meditations. Her children and grandchildren provide such joy in Marinna's life. 

Marinna's love of art and of supporting others helped her to found, create, and ultimately launch Artisan Hollow. 

Marinna Sir

Patrick Naylor


Patrick's Top Values:
Love, High-Quality, Truth

Patrick's Message To The World: 
"Live and let live! Don't tread on me. I won't tread on you." 


Patrick is a practical thinker and hard worker. He's an attention-to-detail kind of guy who tends to think like a computer. He's loving and supportive of his family and friends and is a devoted fiance. 


His creativity comes in the form of seeing what small changes need for massive results to occur. He excels in graphic and web design. Patrick is fabulous at almost anything he puts his hand to, especially if its computer related. However, this doesn't stop him from remodeling cars and houses and playing sports with friends. 

Patrick loves cars, traveling, exploring, adventure, hiking, and spending time in the great outdoors with his family.

Patrick has the desire to support small businesses to thrive. He is part owner of Artisan Hollow and assists with the tech and finance aspects of the company. 

Patrick Naylor

Julie Nielsen


Julie's Top Values:
Freedom, Accountability, Connection, Love

Julie's Message To The World:

"The ultimate self-care is to face the things we would rather run from." 


Julie has had over 50 years of some of the best life schooling anyone could ask for. With a diverse plethora of experience in which to cultivate her "ultimate self-care" practice, she has freed herself from much pain and heartache and continues to be a huge blessing to all those who enter her life.

Julie is firey, fun, honest, kind, and brilliant. In addition, she is a fantastic mom and grandparent to quite a few more than just her own. Once you get to know Julie, you become family. 

With a deep love and ability to honor all people, Julie is a natural connection specialist supporting far more than Artisan Hollow. She has brought this gift with her into many other businesses throughout the years. She has helped thousands of people with their health and wellness through naturopathic medicine, energy practices, and emotional clearing methods. She is also a real estate agent who connects people with their dream homes. She is a writer, listener, teacher, friend, and lover of life. 

We are super grateful to Julie as, a connection specialist on our team! 

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Maryanne Barlow

Maryanne final edit (36 of 39)_edited.jpg

Maryanne's Top Values:
Honesty, Connection, Service

Maryanne's Message To The World: 

"To love yourself. Be kinder and gentler than you think is necessary, and watch as the inner landscape of you, buds, and flowers turn into the most beautiful garden of peace and respite. Forgive yourself, and begin again. Every day is a new day!"


Maryanne comes from a large family and loves the hustle and bustle that results. She loves to be in the middle of all the hubbub and being of service to any that need it.


Some of her gifts include a logical mind and practicality, which makes her down to earth. She listens with her heart and oftentimes knows what people need without them expressing it. She is intuitive and intelligent and is in love with anything miniature. She has a love of arts in general, music, art of all kinds, creative writing etc.

Maryanne has high regard for the awe that nature inspires. She loves flowers and gardening and enjoys watching the baby plants grow into healthy, strong adults. She loves learning new ways to incorporate nutrients into the soil for her garden. 


Her love of the littles in society inspired her to get her Early Childhood Montessori Certification. She enjoys the presence of the little ones and loves to teach. She loves the art of homemaking, cooking delicious and healthy meals for her family and friends. 

Maryanne is one of our connection specialists here at Artisan Hollow, and we are honored to have her here.

Maryanne Barlow

Amber Naylor


Amber's Top Values:
Healthy Communication, Love, Freedom,

Amber's Message To The World:

"Be more open to growth and change.​ Take life one step at a time. Stop being a sheep and think for yourself. Do what you love, and don't force your opinion onto others. Love each other authentically." 


Amber is a caring and sensitive soul. She's a down-to-earth, determined woman who loves the beauty of nature. Amber is often seen with her camera in hand out, taking pictures of beautiful scenery. 


Amber loves photography, drawing, painting, and the great outdoors. She loves to listen to others' challenges and do what she can to support their growth. 


Amber believes that art is an expression of your emotion where you have the freedom to reveal yourself however you want, with no restrictions. This is why she is a part of our Artisan Hollow team; to support all artists to succeed. 


Amber is one of our product photographers. She also works in the office as our office manager. 

Amber Naylor

Jaden Bennett


Jaden's Top Values:
Love, Kindness, Compassion, Courage
Adventure, Experience, Authenticity

Jaden's Message To The World:

"Manifestation is real! There are limitless possibilities. Your dreams are achievable. Just be brave enough to go get them!" 


The oldest of her siblings, Jaden, is a full-time College student working full-time. She's ambitious, loving, supportive, and caring, with a bubbly, fun-loving personality. Some of her accomplishments include: earning a black belt in martial arts and a college scholarship. 

Jaden loves being outdoors in nature, doing almost anything. Most of the time, this includes hiking and photographing beautiful places on earth. Jaden also enjoys traveling, exercising, and, last but definitely not least, dogs. 

Jaden is one of Artisan Hollow's product photographers and is excited to support other artists in successfully sharing their work by utilizing her love of photography. 

Jaden Bennett

Thacia Avay


Thacia's Top Values:
Communication, Integrity, Love

Thacia's Message To The World: 

"The more I love myself and stop challenging and resisting life, and once I learned how to have compassion for myself, everything changed." 


Committed to introspection, Thacia is an active, strong, free spirit who loves supporting others to unstick themselves from life's intensities. In addition, she's highly creative, which mostly shows up in her love of hair and color. Thacia is a certified cosmetologist who is passionate about cutting, coloring, and styling hair. 

Because of her courage and love of water, the ocean, underwater photography, and all things blue, Thacia studied and became certified in scuba diving. 

She is currently studying the art of relationships as well as the Enneagram and plans to support others to find more freedom in life. 

Thacia joined Artisan Hollow to help others find freedom in their specific flavor of art. 

Thacia Avay

Alysha Barlow


Alysha's Top Values:
Connection, Love, Honesty

Alysha's Message To The World:

"Genuine love is all you truly need. If you feel with your heart, you will be guided on how to show up for yourself and others." 


Mother of two daughters, one of whom is special needs, Alysha is a survivor and a strong woman with courage and grace. She has touched death and come back stronger.


She moves through life with a quiet demeanor and fantastical stories on her lips. 

With her enormous imagination and creative mind, Alysha loves to write and practice pyrography (wood burning, engraving, and decorating) and is an organizing genius. 

Alysha joined our business because she believes art brings joy and vitality and inspires the world. She also would love to see every artist earn a living by expressing their artistic abilities. 

Alysha is one of our product specialists and assists on the backend of our site, ensuring people's store products and pages are functioning correctly.

Alysha Barlow
Diane Peters

Diane Peters


Diane's Top Values:
Love, Freedom, Connection

Diane's Message To The World:

"The answer is always more love, not less." Matt Kahn. "Regardless of what others are going through, the answer is always more love, not less." Diane Peters.


When Diane was young, she did every kind of art project she could get her hands on. She loved it all and always had her hands in some form of art.


Most people who know Diane feel that she is a 5-foot fairy. She is very connected to the earth and all her growing things. You can find her most days outside with a butterfly in her hair and bare feet in the dirt, planting or watering something. 

Diane is an accomplished oil painter who also loves to create pottery, paint pour,  raise chickens, play with her kids, and spend time with family and pretty much anything outdoors. Diane is married to a wonderful man and has two children and one on the way. 

Diane is one of Artisan Hollows Artisans' product specialists as she has had experience in this field. 


Diane wanted to join our team to help other artists be successful. She has a mindset of "artists can thrive" and wants to help this become a reality for every artist! 

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