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Artisan Agreements


With all of the current tension in the world today, it feels vital for us to support a uniting of people rather than adding to the disconnection. With this goal in mind, there will be some products that we won't allow on our site not because we disagree with what they stand for but rather because we have such a strong desire to support harmony and peaceful co-creation. Therefore, if your product is one that strongly supports a cause that you believe in but also is quite controversial, this site may not be the place for you to sell your creations. If you have questions regarding your product, please read the following protocols or contact us Here. 

Artisan Agreement: 

By becoming an artisan, you agree to the following playground protocols. If you decide not to follow these protocols, you and/or your product may be removed from our site. An email with the reason for removal will be sent to the email you provided when signing up for our services. Please read the following protocols for a smooth, pleasurable experience with our team. Thank you.

Protocol 1: Products That Are Allowed
- High-quality, handmade products that promote your business. 
- Only products made in the United States from members living at least part-time in the United States.  
We are planning at some point to expand into Canada but don't have a date for this yet. 


We would also prefer you use products made in the United States in your creation process but understand that sometimes this isn't possible. We will give leeway in this area. 

Herbal Supplements & Perishable Products:
If you desire to sell herbal supplements or perishable products (food/garden produce) on Artisan Hollow, you will need to ensure that your product meets the FDA requirements. However, we know this is a HUGE undertaking and want to still support you to see seen, valued, and to sell your products. With this in mind, you will still have a page displaying everything you typically offer people and will be given a community page where your followers can reach out to you and personally buy your products. If you find value in this form of advertising and being a part of Artisan Hollow,  our request is that you make a donation to our company as a thank you in the amount you feel matches what we offer. 

Updated: 2/16/23

Protocol 2: Products That Are Not Allowed

- Products that are low quality or poorly made. 

- Products that are made by people living solely outside of the United States. (You must have a US address that you

ship from) 

- Products that include political names, references, insignias, parties, quotes, etc. 

- Products that include racial discrimination/prejudice (this includes discrimination against any color of a person.) 

- Products that include gender discrimination. This includes: bad-mouthing the other sex. We also have no problem with you choosing your own gender, however, we don't support discrimination against another's choice.  

- Products that include religious discrimination. (you honor my spiritual beliefs, I honor your spiritual beliefs) 

- Products that promote slavery and/or communism.  

- Products that promote satanic practices and or symbolism. (Magic, Pagan, Egyptian & Greek Symbols do NOT fall under this category in our mind and are perfectly fine to be used on your products.)

- Products that promote pornography or sexual misconduct. 

- Products that support abuse of any kind. 

- Products that support violence. 

- Products that promote separation between the people. Example: Pro Vaccine or Anti Vaccine, Pro-Abortion or Anti Abortion. 

Protocol 3: Showing Up With Integrity

Integrity is a vital factor in the running of our business. With this in mind, we have included an integrity protocol in our Artisan Agreements. In addition, we have listed what integrity means to us. 

- Communicate clearly with Artisan Hollow and any members on our site. In all your interactions, think about what you say before saying it and be detailed so that others will understand what you are talking about.
This includes:

1. what you want and/or need from us and/or others

2. any and all time frames you want and/or need it in

3. and generally what you expect or anticipate your needs to be in order to serve others on our site in a timely manner.


- Your words match your actions, and you do what you say. For example: if you say that you will send a package out in a specific time frame, you accomplish it in that time frame. We suggest giving yourself more time than you think you need to stay within the specified margin. If this isn't possible, written notice as soon as you know it won't work is required to renegotiate a solution. 

- Speak in alignment with your core values. Example: don't say "yes" when you really mean or would rather say "no" and vis-versa. 

- Show up authentic in all your dealings with members to the best of your ability. Example: you are who you say you are, you do what you say you do, and you produce what you say you produce. 

- Follow and interact with the agreements on our Terms and Conditions page. If this doesn't work for you, please request removal from this site. 

Protocol 4: Creating Harmony And Unity

- We know that many people are pumped up about politics these days. Please understand that this site is NOT a site for political drama, nor do we allow any political paraphernalia on our site. Again, we want to create connection, and politics tend to do the opposite. We're sorry. We know many people have some truly incredible products that support their preferred political party. Example: We allow products that show flags or talk about freedom but not ones with party-specific insignia, quotes, or names on them. 

​- We don't allow any satanic or pornographic products on our site. We do not consider magic to be satanic, nor consider sexuality perverted. Example: Magic symbols, wands, wizards, logos, etc., are permitted, while ritualistic, abusive satanic marks and logos are not. Examples: Products promoting healthy sexuality are accepted while porn is not.  

​- If drama ensues on our site, members participating will have a chance to clean up any messes they make with each other and continue on our site. However, if
for some reason, one or more parties refuse to disengage from the drama or continue to create drama on our site. In that case, they will be removed from the site and not allowed to participate in further interactions in our store, community, or as an artisan. ​

- We don't allow nor will we tolerate racial, gender, religious/spiritual, or sexual preference bullying. Bullying includes making fun of, calling names, insults, taunts, or verbal abuse. 

Protocol 5: Money Agreements

- We take a 15% fee of the displayed price after an Artisan sells a product. We DO NOT charge a listing fee. We also process sales tax, shipping, and credit card fees at the time of sale. 

- We pay our Artisans on the first and the third Mondays of every month. 

All money from a sale is held for 30 days [the grace period] following the purchase of your product. This action ensures that our return policy is honored and with integrity. All Artisans will receive the money they earn on the first payday following the 30-day grace period. Artisan receives funds from sales according to the previously agreed-upon method of payment. To change this agreement, please reach out to get in touch with us Here. 


Please Note: If you have chosen to be paid by check instead of direct deposit, it will be mailed to you on the first payday following the 30-day grace period. 

Product Returns will are taken care of in the following manner: 

• Artisan Hollow LLC and you [The Artisan] will split the cost of the return shipping charges on all products that returned without damage. 

• You [The Artisan] will be responsible for shipping charges on returns where products are defective, broken, or damaged due to shipping issues that the insurance won't cover. 


Please make sure to put ample packaging material and/or double-box your product, so it arrives safely and whole. 

Protocol 6: General Agreements​

- ALL of the artisans we host must live at least part-time in the United States (until we expand) Additionally, ALL products we host on our site must also be manufactured and created in the U.S. While we want everyone around the globe to prosper, we feel this action is vital to becoming self-sufficient as a country. 

- Artisans must create at least 50% of their own products. Health supplements are the only exception as the FDA requires their manufacturing in an approved facility. The recipe, however, must be the Artisan's own creation. 

- Artisan Hollow only allows high-quality products on our site. While you may feel that the quality is high, please know that we vet EVERY product we host on our site. Also, please know it isn't personal if one of your products doesn't meet our standards, and we will do our best to assist you to help it meet our standards. 

- ALL artisans will need to adhere to our return policy listed HERE. 


- The legal standards of all-natural medicine products or food are the responsibility of the Artisan. In case of legal action, Artisan Hollow will not be responsible for any products sold on our site that don't meet these standards. Read all the legal stuff HERE. You may, however, use our community pages for advertising your product to those in your community you'd like to reach. 

- Artisan Hollow reserves the right to turn away any potential artisan and/or artisan products they deem unsuitable for this site at any time. ​

- ​Artisan Hollow reserves the right to remove any artisan that violates the protocols after giving that Artisan a one-time email or text notice of infringement. 

- Artisan Hollow has the right to use only the images and information given to them by the Artisan on their site and for no other purposes unless the Artisan permits it in writing. 

- All potential artisans will be vetted as real people with authentic products. We will confirm this in our getting-to-know-you process. 

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