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Welcome To Artisan Hollow

"It’s our mission to have every artist thrive while creating dynamic products that bless the world! We do this by debuting and honoring each of our artisans as well as their hand-produced, high-quality products and creating authentic connections between them and their potential customers." 

Our Effort, Your Success

We Collect Information

Potential artisans will initially meet with one of our connection specialists so that we can gather the relevant information to honor you and your product. Please fill out the 'Become An Artisan' Form Here to get started. This form includes your name, phone, email, a bit about your product, and who you are. From here one of our connection specialists will reach out to set up a time we can meet with you to get to know you and your product better. 

Creating Your Store

Our team then begins to create your online store and submits it to you for review. You will have an artisan page in which a picture of you with a bio and a gallery of all your products will be displayed. Each image links back to your product that is hosted in our store. 

What We Offer Our Artisans

It's our intention to make it super easy for our artisans to do what they love to do and let us handle the rest!

With this in mind, we offer our artisans many services to make selling their creations easier. 

1. Regardless of whether or not you have a website, you do with us! Each of our artisans have there own page that honors them as an artist with an image and bio. We want your potential customers to see you and value what you bring to the world. 

2. On your page, we include your business logo, website link (if you have one), and images of all your products. Each product has a link taking a potential customer back to the store to purchase. We do our best to honor you and your product in all our images and verbiage and encourage you to give us feedback so that we can reflect you and your product as accurately as possible. 


3. We will do basic advertising on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to help our artisans be seen more fully. We also work in unison with you to help you with ads that you may run on social media. 

4. We pay your sales taxes, so you don't even have to think about that. Every month each state has sale taxes that need to be paid. This is a huge undertaking for small businesses, which we will handle since everything is run through one store. However, you will be responsible for your income taxes and will be sent a W9 form to fill out when becoming one of our artisans. 

5. We handle most customer issues and concerns, including the money transactions of returns. If the customer has an issue with the product itself, their concern will be directed to you; otherwise, we do our best to handle and address it. 

6. We are happy to host any events you may offer the public on our site. This could assist you to reach a larger number of people seeing your work. 

7. We also offer you a community page that you will run so people can follow you and stay up to date on upcoming new products you have. This could greatly help with presales

8. We also host unique, fun, and creative online parties, events, drawings, games, and prizes, on our website and on our social sites several times a year that all of our artisans will be invited to join and be a part of. 

Artisan Hollow Fees

When you make a sale through, you will be charged a one-time 15% percent transaction fee of the displayed price for each product. This fee is taken only after the sale of your product. Artisan Hollow does not take a listing fee. It's our firm commitment that you pay for only what sells. 

Please Note: There may be additional fees if you participate in contests, drawings, landing pages, or online parties. The payment for these will be reflected in the paperwork you sign when you enter that event. 

How You Get Paid

When you make a sale, you will receive your money 30 days following that transaction. This action allows the product return grace period to expire and allows for a smooth transaction. Please see Return Policy Here

You will receive your funds through CashApp or a check that will be mailed to you, depending on which form of payment you decide upon when we set up your store. 

We pay all sales tax to the state of the purchaser. However, all artisans are responsible for paying their income taxes. All artisans receive an IRS 1099 form to assist you in this process. 

How We Advertise

We currently advertise on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and will look into other top social media for advertising. In addition, we plan to advertise on popular blogs, websites, and videos of people all over the web. 

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most reliable ways to sell, and we built and designed our entire company to get people talking and sharing. We plan to do this by incentivizing each Artisan with gifts, prizes, and money for each social share of Artisan products. This feature is coming soon! 

We are optimizing our SEO and plan to reach our goal of ranking on the first page of google by the end of the first year of business.

The Type Of Artisans We Work With

Anyone who builds, creates, grows, develops, bakes, brews, designs, writes, formulates, and/or performs. 

All products must be: 

High quality, local to the USA and possibly Canada coming soon. 
Meet our standard of bringing people together in harmony. Please see our restrictions

If you are an artisan that sells products that expire or ones that don’t meet FDA standards for manufacturing: 

Bakers, growers, supplement creators, etc., will have a slightly different protocol. You will have a community page in which people can follow you and have access to purchase anything you sell. You will sell to them directly. Legally we cannot sell this for you, but we still want to help. You will take on the legal responsibilities of selling your creations.


However, we can still help you be seen by giving you a page that honors you as an artisan with an image of you, a bio, and your products. 

If you find that this advertising we provide brings you value, we will operate on the honor system, and you can donate or gift what you feel that value is worth. 

Become An Artisan

Thank you! We will reach out to you shortly to schedule a get-to-know-you meeting.

Artsan Input Form
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