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Update Your Inventory
Updating Inventory

Please send us a note to update your inventory. Include the following: 


• Your Name

• The Product Name

• Total Amount Of This Product You'd Like Your Store To Reflect

• Any Other Information You Think Is Relevant

If this is a brand new product, please include everything above plus: 

• Product Description

• Price To Be Displayed In Your Store

• A Picture Of Your New Product 

We update inventory several times a day. You should see your updates no later than the day following this note. Please note: If you update on the weekend, you will notice the changes on Monday. We strongly encourage you not to allow your inventory to get too low as this will reduce the chance of potential shoppers seeing all you offer. 

When you upload new products, you should expect a message from us for the next step. 

Thank you! 


We are honored to work with you.

We're working on a better way of doing this, please be patient with us while we create that solution.

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