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Artisan Elizabeth Naylor

Artisan Elizabeth Naylor

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My name is Elizabeth, and I love anything I can create with my hands. I have deep intimacy and a sense of concreteness with my creations. Being able to hold and feel it's texture gives me a sense of both pleasure and accomplishment. I love to work with clay making ceramics and pottery. I also love to sew, garden, cook and grow micro-greens.

My artistic expression is my life. Without it, I would probably stop existing. I love trying new things. My rule of thumb is, "If someone else can do it, so can I." With almost everything I put my mind to working out, this is super satisfying!

I work out of my basement hand-making each item I sell (and a bunch of mistakes that I don't sell.) I love what I do and do my best to make sure each item is completely unique, one of a kind. So everything I create has a little piece of my heart and soul. I didn't have the opportunity to express my creativity as a child, so today, I value and protect this aspect of my life. I hope my creations inspire you to live a more peaceful, meaningful life.


"I bought a set of word stones as gifts for myself, my daughter, and my team at work. They are beautifully made and I absolutely love them. So much so that I will likely buy another set with inspiring words on them. I wholeheartedly reccomend these to anyone who is thinking about purchasing. Thank you.


Amazing!! The time you took to make these perfect and send individual notes for each child was awesome! Thank you so much!!


Arrived promptly! Beautful stones. They look lovely on my orchid plants. Thank you.


These were exactly as ordered. Thank you so much.


Soul Candy Stones

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Ho'onopono Prayer 

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